Battle field of the mind

6 years has gone by and I’m still under attack will I ever go back as these walls start to cave in I watch as everyone passes by little do they know I’m dying inside alone stop breathing is all I can feel I try not to keep these thoughts captive but the devil inside allows it when will these walls shake when will these walls break closed in a cell it seems so close to reality but my feet won’t move I’m scared to live outside these rooms triggers are everywhere even in my sleep I cant escape these walls they have a hold on me people show their sympathy but I feel so alone trapped in a world I’ll never know they say you will be okay to push forward each day but I’m under attack how do you expect me not to look back you won’t come close to understanding where my mind has gone darkness is everywhere inside and out I feel like a shadow just moving about, you can see me and you can hear my shouts so please don’t ask me if I’m going to be ok because today and the next day I just fight to breathe to feel normal while I’m crawling on my knees you see there’s nothing more scarier than the thought of never being well trust me I’m a loose cannon ready to set sail. The doctors say to take this pill it’ll be okay but how can a pill fix me this way ? It cannot change my thoughts it cannot undo what is already locked you see the devil is out to destroy me and he’s more powerful than you think he’s got  holds on me that I’m not sure will ever break why are these walls the only thing I see ? and why must I live with a caption on me? when can I be label free! ? and as these walls are closing in on me I have two choices “I can believe” I can choose death over life, I could be a victim to my own disguise let the torture build up inside or I can be set free because in God’s eyes he strengthens me you see the devil is a liar and he comes in Many masks being able to identify that is the true test. But God says take a hold of my words with all your heart keep my commands and you will live because through me is the beginning and the end and No weapon formed against me will prosper. With all the promises God gives how does the devil hide Within? You have but little faith if you choose to let the devil win he cannot void God’s promises he cannot change nor correct he can only feed off what we believe and if we believe we can’t if we believe in fear if we believe what battle we are facing is bigger than our God then our faith needs questioned.  if you believe with all your heart and trust in God that all things are possible through him then Victory is right ahead. You see I speak from experience when my faith was not stronger than my fear. I questioned all things through Christ even though he never disappeared I’m not saying it won’t be rough I’m saying if you trust enough your enemy will flee your worries we’ll be set free you just have to believe because when the devil said you can’t live! my God said you can’t die! and even though their are lies that echo in our minds there is still hope inside. I want you to picture this you’re trapped in a room with four walls that surround you there’s no way to get out the only thing you see and hear are the devils shouts you see, but if there is a way in their is always a way out just because the devil lured you in doesn’t mean you’re stuck there till the end you must fight and trust in God like Daniel did when he was thrown in a lion’s den he trusted and prayed and believed God would rescue him and after days in the den no harm came to him God shut the mouths of lions and rescued him just like that room you’re filled in with torture (I speak on the torture in your mind). If you believe in Christ then he will shut the mouth of the enemy and he will rescue you again and again because No matter what battle you face No matter where you are placed God will deliver you with just a little bit of faith.


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