Why this Blog?

well for starters Im a Bible thumpin, Prayer jumpin, Jesus believing, Christ following. Kinda woman.FIRST I want to make one thing clear I’m not a religious person i do NOT like relgion. Im here for the Relationship. The infinity external love between a person and God I’m not here to tell you the commands, im here to tell you the promises. In my blog you will see my steps to walk with Christ you will watch my faith grow you will be inspired to make a difference. My purpose on this site is to help people grow and walk in faith. To share my testimonies and victories. TO give advice with the wisdom God is leading me with. I will share steps to retrain your mind to be transformed into a body of christ. I will share POEMS & Raps, yes! I said Raps I find the best way to express myself is communication with a beat. THIS may not be for everyone but it will be for someone. I’m not here to judge or pressure I am simply set here for those who need a guide . Thank you for following.


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