Your A Broken Masterpiece

Is it the Broken Dreams you left behind ? Is it the Broken heart you wish to escape from? Is it the Broken home you came from? Is it the Broken spirit that time hasn’t healed? Is it the Broken family in your life? Is it the Broken mind set you battle with everyday? Is it the Broken body you fight with a illness? Is it the Broken marriage you pray to get help with? Is it the Broken path you chose to go down? Is it the Broken ties between a friend and yourself? Is it the Broken poverty you live in? Is it the Broken support you dont receive? Is it the Broken trust someone took along the way? Is it the Broken abuse you dealt with in your precious years? Is it the Broken kids you wished you raised better? Is it the Broken car that won’t start on your rushing days to work? Is it the Broken lies that people echoed into your mind? Is it the Broken betrayal that led you into pain? Is it the Broken past you can’t seem to leave behind? Is it the Broken promises a loved one swore by? Is it the Broken thought that this life isn’t for you? Is it the Broken faith you wish to cling to? Is it the Broken guard you let down? Is it the Broken passion in your love life? Is it the Broken will to continue to fight? Is it the Broken tears you wish to not cry? Is it the Broken mental illness you can’t phathom to live with? Is it a Broken Job that you can’t successed in? Or is it just the Broken thoughts of all the Brokeness in your life? Have you ever healed from your Brokenness?. Have you ever learned from your Brokenness?. Have you ever thought that it isn’t a Broken disaster, yet maybe deep in the root of all that hides within ourselves. That maybe its a Broken master piece. A master piece we are struggling to put together. And what if these Broken events occurred only to have more pieces to pick up and add to your master piece. What if your master piece is YOU. Would you be able to have a more hopeful perspective on it? What if I told you God allows some of  the Brokenness to take place, In order for our temple to be remade. I mean wouldn’t it be nice to say that our Broken life our Broken paths, our Broken past was all part of Gods plan.  Easier said then done right ? Well what if I said its easier done then said. I mean how many of us dwell on our pain and the negative hands we were dealt . Could you imagine for just a moment how much effort and time we focus on the Brokenness. Instead of the progress. HOW many of us have already survived  the worse? And How many of us still have the worse yet to come?. And if for just a moment we were able to lay out our past, our present on to a table spread out like pictures an notes for a scrap Book.While observing each picture and each note or sticker and trying to determine where to place it in your scrap book. What if in the beginning of your scrap book you started with the Brokenness we have been talking about and then in the middle you scrapped the present the time now where maybe your not at complete victory quite yet but your content? If you could observe your Brokenness like a timeline in a scrap book.would you be able to see through out the road of time that your Brokenness in some way turned to a Master Piece. A Master piece of strength. A Master piece of abundance. A master piece of not so perfect shreds of pain that Sculptures your master piece of life, which built a foundation of who you are. Understand that not all Your Brokenness is a sign of trouble or disaster. But simply a trial to overcome to make you who you are today. Your character, your mind set, your body, your perspective of the world today. Your morals and values, your hobbies and passions. Your set backs are not a chain of weights that lingers behind to haunt you. But they are simply reminders of where you use to be and what you are capable of enduring. Own your Brokenness claim your ship of wrecks, because it is the deep foundation of who you are and where you will go. Some Brokenness are unforgettable. Some Brokeness we didnt even ask for. We were not dealt a easy life. But that doesn’t mean we cant embrace it . Instead of running or hiding or feeling insecure about our Brokenness. Why not accept it? And prove to each other that we are more then just a Broken heart Or a  disease we wish a cure for. Or a Broken home we didnt ask to live in. God doesn’t make mistakes he doesn’t save us all the time from hardships, because he knows where it will take us. I’m a firm believer that my Panic disorder and Depression that I pray would go away. Is a Brokenness that I must go through to build a path of Testimony’s, to be a light to someone one day. To have remarkable strength and strong will, to over come Life’s challenges. My Brokeness of mental illness isn’t who I am but who I will become. I think about my times of pain and sorrow and guilt. And I realized that it makes me observant. It makes me cautious, an its good to be cautious in life. Not that we shouldn’t take chances but that they need to be led by God. I’m cautious to know if its from God. I’m more sensitive to other people. I amoung 4 million of other people in the world today can relate to the sufferings of a captivating imprionsed mind. I’m self aware. I’m wiser. I’m more stronger in my faith now then in my fears. So I can’t complain about my Brokenness or blame my Brokeness in my life. Because God reveals to me the victory in it. He tells me all things are temporary and that I’m made in the hands of father so genuine so Giving, that I Won’t fail. So embrace your Brokenness even if its the most Traumatic experience. Did you live? Did you make it through? Did you encounter a pain so DEEP it destroyed you inside and out. But if your reading this then God is showing you right now that you lived. You not only  have to have faith in God, but you have to have faith in yourself. Your   Brokeness can be put back together it may not look the same it may not feel the same but it is fixable and it will be unique and will have qualities that another persons Brokeness will not have. That is what makes your life and story extraordinary. If you can’t find peace right now from your Brokenness. If you can’t find positivity from your Brokenness then I would pray for God to show you how your Brokenness will turn into a battle of success. And  I would pray that God shows you your victories through your troubles. It’s never too late to turn your Brokenness into a Masterpiece. 


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