We are All Adopted!

Sometimes in life we feel alone lost and without out a purpose.  we can even feel like we are not apart of a physical family. A family here on earth. We feel like we belong somewhere else. I get that I really do like maybe the family I have physically isn’t really where i belong. Almost as if I was adopted. Well Truth is we are all Adopted. Let me explain. In Ephesians 1:4 God says he chose us! actually picked us out for himself as his own. In Christ before the foundation of the world. He planned for us to be adopted revealed as his own children through Jesus. Ephesians 1:4  is a wonderful scripture because in it the lord tells us that we are His, and he sets forth what’s he wants for us. Meaning we should know we are loved, special, and valuable. Reading this Scripture I found out I belong to someone so powerful so “breath taking” like a family of spirtual abilities. I mean how can we claim we belong somewhere here on earth when in Gods eyes we belong to him. Its like for example at the black sea their are logs that are shipped to the sea and millions of different businessman world wide would come and they would pick the logs they wanted they would then mark their symbol ( name) on the log and nobody could touch it or take it because it was owned and belonged to someone. That is what God did with us he picked us out amoung other logs he sealed his name on us so that we belong to him. Isn’t that so refreshing to know that we are so special that God literally picked us and sealed us with his name and holy spirit. So that we always belong to Him so that we never feel alone or misplaced in this world. I encourage you to say aloud “I belong to GOD”.  And what is also amazing is that you and I we are no surprise to God. He knew exactly what he was getting when he chose us. God did not choose us and then get disappointed because of our inabilities. God has hope for us and believes in us and is working in us. So we can be the plan he destined for us. It’s a amazing feeling to know I was picked by God and sealed with his promises. I mean in the real world today when a woman conceives a child she doesn’t get to pick the gender or hair color or eye color she dosent get to chose. She is given what she is given. But if a man and woman go to a adoption agency they get to chose what child they want. They get to sit down and observe what their looking for. Kinda like what Jesus did with you! He picked you out and chose you and adopted you. I mean how much more special do you need to feel that God of all the world CHOSE YOU! we are all Adopted in Christ we are sealed and apart of a amazing plan. We have the power Jesus did when he died an came back. We have the eternity spirit that can heal our flesh  bodies. If only we knew how truly precious we are to God. How powerful we truly are. The word, the truth that breaks down and tells us how capable and powerful we are as adopted children of God. How special I feel to be apart of a life of eternity blessings. And how much more amazing it would be to unlock the abilities that God gave us to be unbreakble and  unshakeable Christians. I pray you find your purpose through Gods eyes. And I pray you understand that no matter how alone or unworthy or lost you get in this world. That you realize you were CHOOSEN! Sealed,stamped,and owned by the Greatest Powerful Loving God of  life. God bless


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